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What is Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE)

TUE is a written approval to use prohibited substance or method for therapeutic purposes. Athletes who require such use must submit TUE application to ADAMAS, national sports federation, international federation or event organiser. Kindly contact ADAMAS for further information.

Four conditions must be met for a TUE to be granted:

 It is a necessary treatment for a diagnosed medical condition

The treatment is unlikely to enhance performance other than to
return the athlete to their normal state of health

No reasonable permitted therapeutic alternatives exis

Necessity of use must not result from prior use of a prohibited substance or method without a valid exemption


TUE Application Procedure

Prescription involves prohibited method/substance

Get TUE form from (ADAMAS/International Federation/Event Organiser)

Fill Up the TUE form. Please consult your physician to complete relevant parts.

Submit completed TUE to ADAMAS/International Federation/Event Organiser (attachment of medical report is compulsory)

TUE will be assessed by TUE Committee (a panel of expert physicians)

TUE Committer Chairman will issue a letter/e-mail

If TUE granted, please keep the approved TUE letter/grant and inform DCO everytime you are tested

If the application is rejected, you may submit an appeal with reasonable justifications. Rejected TUE will be assessed on case by case basis

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