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Based on the World Anti-Doping Code, if an anti-doping rule violation is committed intentionally, the ineligibility period shall be four years.

Explanation: According to Article, the use of specified substance may bring four years ineligibility if it is proven that the act was intentional.

If it is proven that the act was committed without intention, the ineligibility period will be two years. Additionally, a detailed explanation shall be presented to the panel as how the substance was obtained and the purpose of its consumption/usage.

How to determine intention?

An athlete who engaged in any conduct which he knew constituted an anti-doping rule violation or knew that there was a significant risk that the conduct might constitute or result in an anti-doping rule violation, but disregarded that risk, he is considered to have intentionally committed the anti-doping rule violation.

Other factor to be taken into account:


Exposure to sporting events

Exposure to anti-doping information/talks/seminars

Prior experience in anti-doping test

Types of substance (whether it brings advantage to the athlete)

Types of products

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