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Whereabouts Information

Athletes under ADAMAS or international federation’s Registered Testing Pool are advised to refer to ADAMAS or your respective international federation to know about the details of your whereabouts obligations.

Athletes are role model and they have an important responsibility to protect the Integrity of their sport. Providing whereabouts is about protecting the athlete's right to clean sport. Providing complete, current and accurate whereabouts information allows us or any authorized organisation responsible for sample collection to locate the athlete for no-advanced-notice test.

Failure to update whereabouts information amounts to anti-doping rule violation.

Information required for Whereabouts

Daily whereabouts information is required for each day even if the athlete is traveling, competing, on a holiday, or on any other day. The daily whereabouts information required for each quarter are:

Address and Contact Details

Eg: Home address, contact numbers and e-mail address

Overnight Address

Eg: The full address of the place where the athlete will be residing or sleeping overnight(hotel or dormitory)

60-minute Timeslot

One specific 60-minute timeslot between 6am and 11pm each day where the athlete will be available and accessible for testing at a specific location.

Competition Schedule and Locations

The name and address of each competition location where the athlete is scheduled to compete during the quarter and the date(s) on which the athlete is competing at these locations.

Information and Locations of Training and Other Regular Activities

The dates, timeframes, name and address of each location where the athlete will train or conduct other regular activity (eg, school or work).

All athletes can still be tested anytime and anywhere even if they are not included in the Registered Testing Pool.

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