Anti-Doping Agency Malaysia(ADAMAS)

In 2003, the Malaysian Government signed the Copenhagen Declaration on Anti-Doping in Sport. The declaration was drafted and agreed to by governments at the Second World Conference on Doping in Sport held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in March 2003. It recognizes the role and supports the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the World Anti-Doping Code.

In November 2006, the Malaysian Government ratified the UNESCO International Convention against Doping in Sport following cabinet approval on 2nd August 2006.

In May 2007, Malaysia accepts the World Anti-Doping Code. The instrument of acceptance was signed by the Minister of Youth and Sport and in the same year, ADAMAS was officially launched under the National Sports Institute as an Anti-Doping Unit. Since then, ADAMAS operates as an official National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) for Malaysia. Since mid-2016, ADAMAS is reorganized under the administration of the Ministry of Youth and Sport.


To create a sport environment free from doping


To protect the integrity of sports to be free from doping and striving for fair and healthy competition in the spirit of pure performance.

Roles of ADAMAS :-

  • 1 To manage and execute sample collection for anti-doping purposes;
  • 2 To develop and execute a comprehensive education plan;
  • 3To educate the public about anti-doping and doping free sport in the society;
  • 4To play a leading role in ensuring effective communication 
  • 5To implement strategic national and international partnership;
  • 6 To be a part of the government’s initiative to strengthen sports integrity in Malaysia.

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