1) Initial Review

  • To determine whether: (a) an applicable TUE has been granted or will be granted as provided in the International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions, or (b) there is any apparent departure from international standards that caused the Adverse Analytical Finding.


2) Notice of violation & show cause letter

  • A written notice to notify athlete or his/her violation, laboratory report, type of substance involved and request for written explanation.


3) Option for B sample analysis

  • It is always the athletes’ right to request for B sample analysis. During the opening of the B sample, athlete may present at the laboratory to witness the procedure. Alternatively, the athlete may appoint a personal representative or authorize the laboratory to appoint an independent witness to present on his/her behalf.
  • B sample analysis cost & any cost associated with it (travel & accommodation) shall be borne by the athlete.


4) Provisional Suspension

  • Depending on the type of violation and type of substance/method, athlete will be provisionally suspended until investigation is completed or the case is heard in a full hearing.


5) Hearing

  • All relevant parties will be called to present their evidence, testimony and submission to the panel.


6) Decision

  • The Hearing/Disciplinary Panel shall determine the sanction after perusing all evidence, testimony and submission from all parties. Sanction may vary, depending on the facts and circumstances of each case. (Ranging from reprimand to lifetime ineligibility)


7) Appeals

  • Athletes are given the rights to appeal to the Appeal Panel for a case review.


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