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Sample collection is an integral part in doping control which aims to detect and prevent the use of prohibited substances or prohibited method by an athlete. Sample collection procedure can only be carried out by accredited and trained Doping Control Officer (DCO) authorised by ADAMAS to conduct testing in Malaysia.

ADAMAS follows the sample collection procedures as stipulated in the International Standard for Testing and Investigations (ISTI) which is applicable to testing in and out-of-competition. Procedures for testing abroad may vary slightly from country to country but should always meet the ISTI. Athletes are advised to read and understand their sport’s anti-doping rules and sample collection procedures.

Athlete Selection

You can be selected to undergo anti-doping tests which can occur at any time and in any location.

Athlete Notification

Doping Control Officer (DCO) or chaperone will tell you in person that you are selected for testing. Your rights and responsibilities will be informed.

Arrival at Doping Control Station

You must report to the doping control station immediately to undergo tests. You have to get the DCO's permission in advance if you have reasonable cause to come late to the doping control station.


You should drink sufficient water to provide the required amount of urine sample ( minimum of 90 ml ).

Selection of Sample Collection Kit

You are required to choose one of more than three (3) sample kit. The sample kit must be handled by yourself at all times.

Provision of Sample

A total of 90ml urine sample is needed for analysis. A DCO or chaperone of the same gender will present to witness the procedure.

Sample Classification

Your urine sample will be divided into the A and B bottles respectively.

Sealing of Sample Collection Kit

The athlete seals the bottle himself/herself by turning the lid clockwise and the DCO will check that it is sealed securely.

Measurement of Specific Gravity

The DCO will measure the specific gravity of your sample.

Form Completion

You have the right to provide any comment in the doping control form. Please ensure that all information given are correct. You will receive one copy for your safekeeping.

Sample Shipment and Analysis

The securely sealed samples will be sent to WADA accredited laboratory for analysis.

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